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Meet Dr. Wagner

Dr. Chris Wagner Seattle dentist smiling.

Dr. Chris Wagner brings an exceptional background to the care of his patients.  As a graduate of the University of Washington School of Dentistry, he incorporates clinical skills from one of the nation’s finest dental schools.  But Dr. Wagner’s strongest asset is a calm demeanor that puts his patients at ease.   This valuable combination helps him develop personalized plans for optimal dental health.  

Dr. Wagner spent ten years as a licensed civil engineer designing and managing large private industry projects.  He continued as a consultant engineer for the Bonneville Power Administration during dental school.  Teamwork, professionalism, and problem-solving skills helped him create solutions to complex challenges facing the public and private sectors. Through his collaborative experiences, he also discovered the positive impact of his creativity on communities.  Dr. Wagner’s history uniquely prepared him for the dental profession, and he looks forward to enriching the well-being of his patients.

Honored by the vote of his peers during dental school, Dr. Wagner filled a vital role on the Student Life and Professionalism Committee.  His exemplary academic and leadership record led to a position providing complex dental treatment in a busy Seattle practice.  He drew satisfaction helping disadvantaged populations benefit from excellent dentistry during this tenure.  

Dr. Wagner has always loved family time, and he juggled a busy routine at home while meeting the demands of dental school.  He and his wife, Janelle, now enjoy a more regular schedule with their son and two daughters. Janelle is an oncology nurse committed to providing compassionate support to cancer patients in the Seattle area.  But when they’re not both administering healthcare, the Wagners stay busy with a host of activities including Girl Scouts and soccer. The whole family looks forward to camping trips along with adventures exploring Seattle, and they also love cheering on the Seahawks and Sounders.  For variety, lively “Music Night” events with neighbors often include a display of dad’s talents on the piano, guitar, and accordion.

Dr. Wagner’s comprehensive skills blend perfectly with his preventive philosophy and life experience.  His conservative approach means patients always experience care that supports a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Wagner looks forward to building relationships with his patient family for many years to come!